Monday, 13 July 2009

Is there really such a thing as Ghosts?

Well, I believe there is yes!

I have a few examples of ghostly goings on, the first one of which involved myself heading to my mates house when I was young, in my teens.

His parents had gone out, and that left the two of us playing pool in the garage.

Half way through playing pool, we heard this brushing noise going on in the back garden, and was curious to see just what it was, especially as it was a detached house, with no-one in but ourselves.

As soon as we headed outside, the brushing noise, which sounded like someone brushing leaves from a path, stopped, which we thought was strange, but at this stage nothing untowards.

Anyway, back to the garage to play a bit of pool, which is when the brushing noise started up again, so back outside, and exactly the same happened, as soon as we went outside the noise stopped.

This led to us being a bit apprehensive but went back to the garage again, but yet again, for a third time, the brushing noise started again, this time we took our pool cues with us just in case we needed them, and you've guessed it, the noise stopped again, but this time the door behind us slammed shut, and seeing as there was no breeze, or reason for the door to slam, that was enough to make us....well you know!

We ran around the side of the house scared, and headed over the other side of the road, to which something caught my eye, I turned to my friend and asked if he could see what I could see in the bedroom window, his response "An old woman is looking at us" - that is exactly what I saw too.

Just after he said that, the face disappeared from the window, and as far as we were concerned, we were not going back inside that house until his parents came home!

His mum returned home first and saw the pair of us standing there pale-faced, and not wanting to go anywhere near the house, and we explained what we had heard - and seen.

We were then met by an "oh dear", and his mum went on to explain to us that an old woman had died in that bedroom before they had bought the house, but had not told their son - my friend - about this.

Needless to say, I haven't been back at the house since.

So, yes, I believe in ghosts, and the supernatural.

Do you have any stories that make you really think that they do exist - I have others, which I'll post in future, but would like to hear your stories...